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Associative work has the potential to have a great impact on Civil Society.

It also grounds me in local realities as much of my professional work is global.

From being an active member of school boards, parents associations, initiatives working on multilingualism in Switzerland I remain very active to hook up with dynamic forces and help to change the environment we are in.

I am also active in Business associations in my region:

Arts et Métiers du Vully: This Association of companies and independants is active in the Vully and surroundings. Most winemakers are also members!

Gewerbeverein Murten: The association of SMEs in the Murten/Morat area where we are based in Switzerland

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I remain active in/support a mix of associations working at the local level, working with shareholders as well as keeping oversight of companies in the field of human rights and sustainability

Actares: Actares keeps an eye on major companies to keep them sustainable and environmentally by being active in the shareholders meeting

Public Eye: Public eye keeps a close watch on multinational companies to make sure they reach their sustainability objectives

Social Performance Task Force:  SPTF works on standards in the field of Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Finance Geneva: The leading association on Sustainable Finance in Switzerland